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Hot Tub Time - Confessions of TO Sex (and other) Addicts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
It feels so good to come inside...

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Hot Tub Time [Apr. 8th, 2012|10:29 am]
It feels so good to come inside...


Title: Hot Tub Time
Author: ME
Rating: NC-17
Summary: When they moved in together Valora and Garrett had no idea it would be so fulfilling

They moved in together because she missed him at night. Granted it was nice to have her own space and she knew he enjoyed having a “man cave” to crawl into. But at night when she finished the work she brought home or after she’d had her down time she wanted him with her or at least near enough so if she needed anything she only had to call out. Their house was three bedrooms, theirs, the “man cave” or as normal people called it the den and then the guest room that doubled as her writing room.

Valora stretched her arms above her head as she finished the last of the paper work for her court case in the morning. She had muscle aches in places she usually didn’t and was cranky and tired. She stood up and swallowed a yawn, looking at the clock she noticed it was just after 8pm, way to damn early to even consider going to bed. Bare footed, she padded out of the room and stood in the hallway where she could see Garrett lounging on the couch. He had the news on and her cat Enkidu, a long haired black and white, was purring steadily on his chest.

She watched him, admiring all 6 foot two inches of his tight lanky body, heat began to fill her and a delightful ache settled between her thighs. His black hair was messy and he was squinting at the TV, a bad habit she needed to break him of. She wished he’d turn and fix her with his ocean blue eyes, but he was too wrapped up in whatever political nonsense was currently mainstream.

An evil thought began to come to her and she dashed into the bathroom, quietly but quickly. When she emerged her ebony locks flowed around porcelain shoulders and she stood, in all her voluptuousness, naked, the semi warm breeze from the heater blowing against her, making her peach colored nipples tight with anticipation.

“Garrett” her voice was deep, husky.

“Huh?” He still didn’t turn to look at her.

“Join me.” It was a demand, not a suggestion. She didn’t see him respond because she had moved and walked towards the double glass doors that led to their porch, she stepped out into the freezing night, goose bumps raising over her flesh. With the pleasant sigh she sank into the hot tub, letting her head rest against the cushioned top and the scalding water relaxed her.

Garrett jumped up as Valora’s sweet ass was just leaving his peripheral vision. It disturbed Enkidu but he didn’t give a fuck. Sure he’d been enjoying his alone time, but when your woman was demanding naked hot tub time, you joined her, no matter what was going on.

Stripping as he walked he took a few moments to enjoy the way she looked in the water, perfect breasts, lush hips, and through the clear, yet bubbly water, the apex of her legs and the triangle of black curls that led to her juicy cunt. Just thinking about being inside her made his cock swell. He got in, hurriedly and slid over next to her.

“Hey baby,” he murmured, pulling her close to him, she blinked, sultry, chocolate colored eyes, gazing at him. Her lips turned up into half a smile.

“Hey yourself.” Then she kissed him, her hand sliding slowly down until she grabbed his hard shaft, Garrett moaned as she stroked him. Swinging a leg over Valora straddled Garrett pressing her hot, wet heat against him, even hotter as the waters encased them both, jets sending pressurized streams over their bodies.

Garrett grabbed her ass, pulling her tighter against him, his cock pressing against her. Valora’s cunt was so swollen with want she slid against him easily; she glided up and down his length. The thick head of his cock rubbed against her clit, but she never let him enter her. She rubbed against him faster, his hands massaging her breasts, playing with her nipples. Garrett watched her face as she came closer to her orgasm, his breathing labored as he struggled to control himself.

He loved watching her cum, the sounds she made, the look of gratification and ecstasy that shown in her eyes. He gripped her hips, she was so feverish, water beads were rolling over her pale skin, leaning forward he licked a few off, she trembled under his touch and then she came, exploding fast in a shattering orgasm.

Valora gasped as she shuddered in Garrett’s arms, tiny waves of pleasure washing over her and she regained her composure.

Valora brushed her lips against his and slowly, inch by inch impaled herself on his dick. The breath went out of Garrett’s lungs as her velvety pussy enclosed him.

“Yeah baby, that is amazing,” he whispered, hands skimming over her breasts and landing on her waist, holding on to her as she began a steady rhythm in the water. He was so deep within her, buried, straining against her flesh, hands on his chest she rode him, clenching around him.

But it was too leisurely for Valora, head back she reached down and began to touch herself as she kept up the tortuously slow pace. Her fingers grazed her sensitive bud and she stroked herself. The water wasn’t as lubricating as she liked and it was rough, but it felt too damn good to stop.

“Oh gods Valora, please…..” Garrett begged, thrusting upwards, trying to quicken her pace as he felt his own climax coming. His hand met hers, helping her touch herself, making her place more pressure on her clit. She cried out as she came, sensations flooding her, feeling as if she was drowning in her climax.

“Come with me Garrett” She demanded.

He pounded against her once, twice and then with a groan his seed shot into her in a powerful rush as his orgasm engulfed him.

Sagging together she placed her head on his shoulder, fingers clutching him as they both wound down from the incredible sex they’d just had.

“Love you.” Her breath brushed against his shoulder.

“Love you too.” He smiled, holding her. Moving in together had been the best idea ever.