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Anyone want to finish this story? - Confessions of TO Sex (and other) Addicts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
It feels so good to come inside...

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Anyone want to finish this story? [Aug. 16th, 2012|09:30 am]
It feels so good to come inside...


we lock eyes across the train car. you grin at me. i grin back. it's crowded today and we're packed in like sardines. you're a few people away, but you're close enough for me to tell how attractive you are. you're wearing a long coat, but i can see your legs, your calves. you're active or you work out...either way you're in shape and you look great. i can't really make out much under your coat. we all get jostled as people get on and off at the next stop, and you're pushed a little closer to me. or maybe you move towards me. it's hard to tell. and then before i realize what's happening you flash me. just like that. like it was nothing. you timed it perfectly. no one saw you but me. you dropped lift hands, your coat creeps upwards just a few inches...and parts to show me a perfectly trimmed mound of pubic hair...atop a perfectly firm pair of thighs. you grin at me as you catch me staring and then just as quickly drop your coat and continue as if nothing has happened. i'm literally gaping at this point. you're pointed stare and grin afterwards teases me to a reaction. i'm useless. the doors close, the train moves on. i stand there thinking about what's just happened at the train zips along to it's next stop. when we get there, the crowd jostles us again...this time bumping you into me. you're a little shocked by this because you were never expecting to be this close to the random stranger you picked out to flash. your plan was to show yourself and then slip out before anything could happen. but now you're actually pressed against me by the crowd moving in and out. a little startled i react on impulse. i reach down and grab your wrist and pull you off the train behind me. you start to resist but you realize there's nothing you can do in all this crowd, except scream for help. but you're naked underneath and that wouldn't end well for anyone. you allow me to pull you hastily along the platform until we come to the first men's room i can find. i look around quickly to see who is around, but everyone else is moving in the other direction, towards the escalator. i whip you inside and close the door and lock it. now you're actually scared, this has turned into something you never expected. you begin to open your mouth to protest? scream? i'm not sure what, but i put my hand across your mouth and press your head against the back of the bathroom door before you can. pressing my body against you i stifle the small struggle you're thinking about, but quickly stop when you realize how little control you have in this situation. i look into your anxious and somewhat scared eyes and tell you not to worry...that i'm not going to hurt you. in fact, i'm not going to do anything you don't want me to do to you. but i do feel like i need to make an example of your behavior...to let you know that it's not nice to tease innocent men. on the train or otherwise. as i continue talking you relax fractionally, still ready to react if you feel like i'm not being honest with you. but you can see it in my face, feel it in the tension of my body pressed against yours. i'm no rapist, but i'm going to take what i want. and the scariest part for you is realizing you want it too. you desperately want me to take control of you and fuck you the way you've dreamed about for countless nights. 
thankfully it's early morning and the bathroom has been recently cleaned. it's not sparkling...but it's not in it's usual filthy state. it seems like the perfect setting for what's about to happen. i look down and notice something sticking out of your pockets. it's your panties, where you stuffed them before you came onto the train. you still have your blouse top and bra on...but nothing below the waist. i don't even ask what happened to your skirt. my guess is it never made it out of the house. pulling my hand away from your mouth, i reach down and take both your wrists in my hand. they're small and easily fit in my hand. i take your panties and wrap them around both wrists, loosely binding them. you could get out if you really wanted to...but you won't. you want this. i lift your wrists above your head and slip them over the coat hook on the door...leaving your hanging before me. your coat has fallen open to reveal a gorgeous body...beautiful firm breasts...firm stomach that tapers into beautifully curved hips. no underwear of course...no skirt...just smooth, strong thighs...and neatly trimmed mound of pubic hair. i reach down to run my fingers through your curlies, to feel the sex under my finger tips. as i slide my hand down and run my fingers against your sex i stop...somewhat shocked. you're wet! and not just damp...but wet down your thighs. you are so turned on right now you're almost embarrassed. in fact, when i look up at you upon discovering this you blush slightly as you look me in the eyes. this is exactly what you wanted to happen today...in the far recesses of your filthiest fantasies...you wanted someone to take you and force you into a submissive act of sex and service. this discovering sends a rush through me, overriding all sense of control. i slip two fingers deep inside you, parting thick, warm, wet lips. you inhale sharply as i slide into you and moan. your hips push against my hand trying to impale my hand. slippery, wet and sticky I push another finger inside you. kneeling down in front of you i hitch one of your legs over my should so that i can get my mouth on you...and i so very badly want to have my mouth on you. with no slow measured teasing, no foreplay, no waiting...i plunge my mouth deep between your legs. your sex parts across my lips and tongue like a piece of ripe fruit...wet, sticky, and pleasantly pungent. my tongue goes deep inside your cunt as my lips press against your lips...my nose brushing against your clit as i press hard into your pelvis. slow line after slow line i trace from your sweet pussy up along your clit...over and over again. my tongue is firm and broad and incredibly skilled as it traces tiny little circles around your clit....and broad brush strokes up and down. my tiny controlled circles turn into broad, wet, firm circles around your clit...over and over. my face is covered in your juices, sticky cream covers my lips and tongue. it's almost too much for me. i'm as hard a diamond now...my cock is pressing, straining to get out of my jeans. 
you're breathing faster now with all my attention on your cunt...grinding into my face...urgently wanting release that only i am going to give you. but not yet...teases like yourself have to wait...punished slightly for your transgression on the train :) standing up i quickly unbuckle my jeans and let them drop to the floor. my underwear is half on half off...but i'll let you take care of that. i reach up and unhook your wrists from the door and slowly but firmly push you to your knees. wrists still bound you look up at me and know what i want. you pull at my boxers with your teeth until they've dropped to my ankles. my cock is huge and turgid and straining to reach your lips and wanting mouth. looking up into my eyes, never breaking contact, you part your lips just slightly as you press them against the head of my cock. i put a hand around the back of your head and pull you forward slowly, inch by inch. i'm not the longest cock you've ever had in your mouth, but i'm close to the thickest. your lips and mouth stretch wide as i fill your mouth. your breath is warm and your lips tight. looking up at me i can tell by your expression that you might not be able to take me all the way. i pull you slowly off my cock...a small thread of spit stretches from the tip of my cock to your lower lip. i look down and tell you that you can do it...that i want to feel the head of my cock against the back of your throat. you nod silently as i press the head of my cock against your lips again...slowly, inch by inch...i push my hips against you...easing my cock into your eager mouth. you're tight and it's almost too much..but you do it. you take me completely into your mouth and relax as i slide my cock in and out of your mouth...both hands around your head...fucking your sweet mouth like you've never been fucked before. you feel cheap and used...but strangely empowered to be on your knees  in front of this stranger sucking him for all he's worth. it's exquisite. 
before things get to far along...before I start to lose all control...before I cum in your mouth...i slip my cock out and let it rest on your lips. your panting slightly from the exertion, flushed along your neck and cheeks. i reach down and lift you up so that you're standing in front of me. our faces are close, i can smell me on your breath. i lean forward and kiss you deeply, tasting the tiny bit of pre-cum that covers your lips. and just as quickly i spin you around and press you back up against the door. i pull your hips out and spread your legs so that you're bent over in front of me. i kneel down and take another long, slow lick between your sex...your creamy, sticky lips...all the way up to your asshole. you clinch when i hit that spot...but my hands are on your ass and i part you cheeks as i lick tiny circles around your sweet, tight hole. and now you're some place you've never been...comfort zones are being stretched. again and again i lick your asshole, pressing the tip of my tongue deeper and deeper every time. you're tight at first, clenching, resisting my touch. but with every swipe you relax just a little more...loosening...giving in to my efforts. this all seems to be going in one direction, you're steeling yourself for it. but then i lean forward and whisper against your hear "not yet. that you have to earn". 
and with that i stand up and place the still turgid head of my cock against your pussy lips. just the head...resting against your parted lips...still wet, still warm, still as sticky as when i had my mouth on you. bent over in front of my...in as a submissive a position as you could be... i slide my cock deep inside you. one, slow, full motion and i am all the way inside you. you gasp as i press into your sex...you expected slow...to take my time. i am after all thick and it's thicker than you are use to. but you are so wet i know you can take it...you're a big girl. inch by inch i press my cock up inside you until i am in to the hilt. we both groan as i hit you deep...pelvis rubbing against your clit.