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Title: All Filled up By the Spirit Rating: NC-17 Word Count: 1413… - Confessions of TO Sex (and other) Addicts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
It feels so good to come inside...

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[Jul. 7th, 2012|10:34 am]
It feels so good to come inside...


Title: All Filled up By the Spirit
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1413
Warning: boy/girl, religious fetish
Summary: Every wanted to sneak off during church and have great sex? Well Matt and Lula do it every Sunday

“I don’t think we’re supposed to be in here,” Lula whispered as Matt pushed her into a dark room. She heard him swear as, stumbling, he hit something in the dark. She laughed.
“You’re not supposed to curse in here either.”
“That’s the least of our worries.” He grumbled, finding what he was looking for, there was a small click and soft yellow light filled the room.
“Perfect isn’t it?” He asked her.
Lula looked around, it was a tiny unused office, with a desk and a couch, “it is, but I don’t think that they built it for us to fuck in.” She much preferred the almost never used kitchen pantry or second floor bathroom they usually holed up in.
Matt walked over and wrapped his arms around her waist, smelling her vanilla perfume, hands running over the pale green sun dress she’d worn. As his hands lowered he growled in her ear, “you’re not wearing panties, you little slut you.”
Giggling she danced out of his embrace, her raven colored pony tail bobbing with her. She looked at him with wide green eyes, pretending innocence.
“I have no idea what you are talking about.”
“Sure you don’t. You totally planned that outfit just to torment me.” Matt couldn’t help but grin.
Lula and Matt had met in this building, this church to be precise, several months before. They both had started attending for similar reasons, the lack of something in their lives. Matt didn’t particularly care for religion or faith, but he’d thought he’d give it a try. Who knew that sneaking off to screw in dark places around their small church would have paid off more than the preaching?
Lula looked at Matt, waiting for him to make a move, she enjoyed the forbiddingness of these little trysts, something to look forward to every Sunday. Matt with his fly away blonde hair and quiet brown eyes was the perfect distraction from the stress thoughts of Monday brought.
Taking her hand Matt led her to stand next to the couch, “I love that I can have you right here, right now.” He muttered, kissing her neck, then her ear lobe.
“Really now? Right here? Right now?” Lula playfully said as his mouth sent tingles up her spine.
“Yup, cause here your mine.” He agreed.
“I’m yours huh? Not sure about that.” She teased, arms snaking around his waist, pulling him against her. She was so aroused, the wrongness of being together in the house of the Lord making her even wetter for Matt.
“Say yes Lula, tell me your mine.” Matt growled, turning her to push her on the couch, his body pinning hers.
“Yes Matt…Yes.” Lula whispered, lips tracing his chin, licking the skin of his neck.
“Tell me…Tell me your mine.” Matt’s voice was deep, passion and hunger lacing each word.
“I’m yours.” Lula moaned as Matt bit her neck, tongue lapping at her skin. She cried out, arching beneath him, her body swamped in pleasure, her breasts full and aching as he pulled away, loving his effect on her.
Matt felt himself hard, pressed against her, his hands reaching up to cup her breasts, rolling her nipples between his fingers, he felt her shiver under him.
“I want you.” He told her. She smiled at him and nodded. He stood and took off his black dress pants, leaving on the deep green button up shirt. He pushed her dress up around her hips so he could have access to her tight cunt.
Matt began to kiss a hot path from her chin to her navel. He licked around Lula’s navel, causing tiny shivers to spiral through her. His lips were searing as they slid over her hips and thighs. His hands parted her, spreading her wide.
He gazed into Lula’s womanhood and placed kisses around the entrance, causing her to shudder. Lula groaned deep and heard him chuckle. His tongue darted out and began to lick the throbbing bunch of nerves hidden by her nether lips.
Lula’s hips jumped and he groaned, his lips surrounding that nub and sucking it. She squirmed, wanting to get away and wanting more. He suckled her, milking that little ball of pleasure. Lula felt something deep inside her rise up; it felt like something was boiling deep in her womb. But before she could explore the sensation his lips were gone, his tongue invading her, diving deep inside her, scorching and wet. Lula gasped as his fingers replaced his tongue; he rubbed them against a spot inside of her making her moan. Lula rolled her hips, eyes closed, hands digging into the couch.
“Matt.” She sighed, “Please.” She wanted him in her, touching her.

“You are more than ready for me Lula.” He said against her, his breath making the pleasure even more intense, his fingers kept working her, rubbing the same spot; Lula felt him bite the skin of her inner thigh and she cried out softly, eyes flashing open. Across from them was a picture of Jesus and it gave her wicked delight to fuck Matt on a couch that had probably had hundreds of good Christian’s sit on it in the past.
“Does it feel good?” He asked, huskily, kissing the little nub again, licking it, his fingers in her, making her juices flow freely and quickly. Lula could feel an aching start as she tightened around his finger.
“It…feels…wonderful…” She panted, clenching, suddenly her back arched and her whole body seized. Lula came, shuddering and fast, moaning his name, her body raked in pleasure.
He withdrew his fingers from her and crawled back up her body. He kissed her and Lula sighed, tasting herself on him. He gripped her hips.
“You’re mine.” He told her and he kissed her at the same time his hard shaft plunged into her. Lula cried out, hands gripping his shoulders.
Matt could barely contain the noise he made as he began to move inside her. He slid out and pushed right back in, thrusting into her like he owned her, like she was his.
The pleasure began to build. Lula met his thrusts moving her hips. Her nails buried themselves in his back as again and again he pounded her into the couch. She felt him hit the end of her and cried out, pleasure and pain shooting up her spine. Lula bent her knees, wrapping them around his waist, pulling him further in.
“Lula” He moaned, jerking into her, deep, filling her up. His face was buried in Lula’s neck. She could feel his panting breath against her skin.
Lula stretched under him as she felt the pressure between her legs grow, she clenched around him and begged him to finish, begged for the release her body was tense with. But still he thrust into her, plundering her body, his fiery shaft searing her insides.
His rhythm became erratic.
“I’m…coming….Lula…I’m” He grunted and thrust into her again, harder than before, causing her climax to be ripped out of her, causing Lula to come, his hand over her mouth to muffle her screams, her body tightening around him, squeezing him as he orgasmed. He forced himself in again, shuddered, his hips frantic against her pelvis.

Lula writhed beneath him and then was still, Matt collapsed on top of her, hands stroking her sides. He rolled them so he could cuddle her, lips caressing her cheek. They lay for a few moments, until their breathing was under control.
Getting up, they got dressed quickly, never speaking a word. There wasn’t really anything to say. Lula kissed Matt at the door and then snuck out into the hallway. Half way back to the main front entrance, the parking lot and escape only seconds away she heard her name.
“Lula, we missed you in choir practice today.” Pastor Aaron had the same fatherly look he always did.
“I’m sorry father, I was… preoccupied.” Her mind racing for a good cover and hoping he wouldn’t notice Matt slinking off behind him, looking ever the part of a naughty little boy.
“I can tell, you are practically glowing with the Spirit, I’m glad my sermon inspired you today. Have a good week.” Father Aaron patted her arm and then went to his office.
Lula left, almost laughing, yeah, that’s right, it was just the light of the savior filling me….As she climbed into her car she wondered how Matt would feel about a little religious role playing.